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We build the foundation of sustainable society with reliable technology

TOYO has been meeting diverse needs of each and every customer for a long period of time; Individual homes, multifamily dwellings, hotels, commercial buildings, hospitals, senior care homes, nursery schools, recreation halls, and industrial establishments.Using our long-established know-how. We build the foundation of the sustainable society.


TOYO provides one-stop solution to our customer; plan, suggest, design, construct and after-maintenance through collaborating with the group companies and external businesses.We meet our clients’ needs by providing speedy and high-quality solutions.


We provide one-stop solution to meet our clients ‘needs with reliable technology backed up by our wealth of experience.

Let alone an apartment complex, we construct variety of buildings for variety of use: educational facilities, care facilities, Ueno Zoo “Panda Forest”, commercial real estates, temples, and logistics centers. We provide customers one-stop solution by designing, making suggestions, construction and maintenance.

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Educational Facility

Care Facility

Ueno Zoo “Panda Forest”

Commercial Facility


Logistics Center

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Making cusustomers’ dreams come true by our one-stop solutions

We provide consistent support to our customers from land search, loan consultation, design to real estate consulting. We create comfortable homes even in extremely small or deformed land.Our custom-built house “Kanaie” has adopted ZEH (Net Zero Energy House) standard to contribute energy saving and energy creation.

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We Create New Value from the Old Buildings:

Our experience taught us everything about construction and buildings from individual houses to detached houses, temples and shrines.Our expert proposes the best solution for you.We help you with earthquake countermeasures and seismic retrofitting.

Converting Convenience Stores to Nursery Schools

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Working closely with the owners and rediscover the value of Real Estate

TOYO provides custom- tailored support to the owners for their property leasing management, real estate brokerage business, vacancy guaranteed service in greater Joto Area in Tokyo. We thrive hand-in-hand with the community.


“We want to make effective use of land”, “I want to operate a rental housing with high certainty”. We demonstrate solutions to such customer’s voices by making full use of our network of experts and group companies. We suggest you the solution for land use profitable for the local community.

Real-Estate Property Management

We protect your valuable assets with a scrupulous support using our strength of long-time close relationship with the local community.

TOYO will offer you a detailed property management only we can provide from our more than 50 years of experience specialized in Joto area. Our property management professionals well known in the area will work closely together with the owners with the best possible system.

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Detached houses

High-quality apartments for the families with small children

High-quality apartments designed for elderly

Housing with rentals

apartment houses with shop

Month-to-month parking space

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Real Estate Sales Brokerage and Rental Contracts

We propose the best solution for your property with proven knowhows utilizing the data that fits the customers

Utilizing the Toyo Group's information network, we offer you the best possible solutions to your needs; housing (single-family homes, a classified apartment, detached houses), land use, profitable condominiums for investment, brokerage of profitable buildings, and property management for stable asset. Our real estate professionals will make the best proposals to meet your needs.

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Houses for sale

Coin-operated parking lots

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Pathfinder for the Future of Sustainable Society: Renewable Energy Solutions

Utilizing the construction and real estate know-how cultivated over many years, we aim to expand renewable energy business in Japan and overseas. We provide one-stop service from designing and constructing power generation plants to operation and management.


It often happens that each company is not in the line when you commission renewable energy project to the individual companies. TOYO Group offers the clients one stop solution through planning, engineering, construction and maintenance and provides high accuracy equipment and safe, high efficiency plant management.

Solar Power Generation

Power Generation Utilizing the Idle Land

Using the knowhows cultivated by the construction business, TOYO operates open-air mega solar power plants on idle land, and implemented solar sharing system that allows farming and power generation on a farmland at the same time.

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Biogas Power Plant Utilizing Anaerobic Digestion

Generate Power Utilizing Livestock Manure and Food Residues

Biogas power generation is carbon neutral power source which yields biogas by anaerobic digestion from food residues and livestock manure. This technology not only contributes to create the cycling society but also contributes to the global warming by reducing the GHG emission.

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Woody Biomass Power Generation

Convert Unused Forest Thinning Timbers to Power and Heat

Woody Biomass Power Generation utilizing forest timbers is a carbon neutral energy source. This power generation system can contribute to reduce CO2 emission as well as improving the rough mountain condition and soil and water conservation.

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Mini-hydro Power Plant

We contribute to the improvement of CO2 reduction and power shortage at overseas local community

TOYO has been adopted as JCM (Joint Crediting Mechanism) Model Project and implemented 10MW mini-hydro power plant in North Sumatra, Indonesia. We contribute to the improvement of the power shortage and CO2 reduction by selling the green energy to the government.

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Together, we tackle the issues of agriculture for the community.

Issues surrounding the agriculture in the local community are not easy to slove such as declining numbers of the farmers and successors in the local community. We consult and provide the best solutions to the community using the group synergy of both long-established know-hows combined with cutting-edge machine learning technology, ICT, and robotic technology.

Smart Agriculture Research&Development

Pursuing Future Agriculture with Cutting-edge Technology

We promote smart agriculture research with University of Tsukuba through industry-academia collaboration. We contribute to solving social issues through the development and dissemination of cutting-edge technology.

【Research&Development Cases】

・Development of the Robot and Greenhouse System to promote diffusion of high-value added tomatoes (Consortium of Greenhouse Development using AI-Robot for promoting the high-value added vegetable consumption)

・Production of high-value added crops by labor saving production technology (Collaboration of Industrial Academia Consortium for Food and Cutting-edge Technology)

Tsukuba University Joint Research

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Farm Operations

Stable Food Production by Protected Horticulture

Producing tasty and healthy vegetable in a durable solar greenhouse, we aim for stable food supply and contribution to the local community and create regional brand.

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Protected Horticulture, Plant Factory

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Food Processing

Stable Delivery of Secure and Safe Food

Having business partnership with vegetable processing plant that meets the Japanese health code and production standard, TOYO strives to develop the products that meets the Japanese needs and their stable supply to support the aging and labor shortage society.

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Parboiled Vegetables Factory

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