Overseas construction business

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About international business

We established a local subsidiary in Hanoi in May 2019 to start our business in anticipation of the expansion of the construction market in Vietnam.
TIC (TOYO INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.), our local subsidiary in Vietnam, provides meticulous service to Japanese companies to help them expand their businesses in Vietnam. For example, we provide explanation to Japanese clients in Japanese and to overseas clients in English using in-house 3D (three-dimensional) drawings which enable our clients to understand the construction process better. In order to achieve further business growth and expansion, and to enhance the corporate value of TOYO group, we believe that it is essential to develop our business globally by utilizing the experience and know-how we have cultivated in Japan. We ensure that we continue to provide Japanese quality product and service in Vietnam.


15th floor, IDMC My Dinh Building, 15 Pham Hung Street,
My Dinh 2 Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

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Strengths and Characteristics of international business

We provide 3D (three-dimensional) drawings when we submit a quotation so that our clients can have a better understanding of the project. We handle all the complicated application procedures in Vietnam, and our Japanese staff meticulously manage the project until its completion. We ensure that we dispel all your concerns by continuing to maintain the property even after delivery. We meet your needs in a shorter construction period with "Japanese quality" product and service offered by Japanese leaders and in collaboration with "local skills" honed by our rich experience in Vietnam.

Quality 01


We implement Japanese-style management in accordance with TIC's own quality control manual. Furthermore, we ensure traceability by taking photographs of parts that would otherwise be hidden after completion of construction.

Delivery 02


We leverage a so called 4D schedule, a method of schedule management using 3D (three-dimensional drawings) and the process of construction. It can visualize the construction process for each week and determine the progress of the process instantly by comparing the 3D drawing with the actual progress in the local field, which enable us to check it at a glance while still in Japan. This method also allows us to implement a catch-up plan immediately once the delay is found out, which leads to zero delays in the construction process.

Safety 03


We promise to achieve no accidents during the entire construction period in accordance with TIC's own safety management manual as well as our quality control. By implementing TOYOTA-style CCCF (Completely Check Completely Find Out) and carrying out daily management, we are able to detect and address possible hazards at an early stage, and consequently achieves delivery of building and plant without any accident.

Cost 04


Since TIC is a small-scale organization, our expenses are much lower than those of other large-scale companies. Furthermore, since all the facility, structural, and architectural design is done in-house, we can propose quickly without wasteful spending. In addition, TIC has a license for design work in Vietnam, so TIC can handle all the application process by itself. Furthermore, we can prepare 3D (three-dimensional drawings) to enhance mutual understanding with our clients. Since we have a network with 20 years of experience overseas, we are good at procurement not only in Vietnam but also in Thailand, Malaysia, China, etc., and can provide good quality products and services at lower price compared to other companies.

Communication 05


We can respond to Japanese clients all in Japanese and to clients from overseas all in English, so please feel free to contact us. Moreover, our resident representatives are Japanese technicians, who are able to use both Japanese and English, so you can communicate with us without any problems.

Support 06


Through our group company, ASAHI JAPAN - INVESTMENT & PROPERTIES MANAGEMENT SERVICE JOINT STOCK COMPANY, and our local network, we ensure selecting and proposing the best land in the area that meet your requirements and is covered by your budget. We provide one-stop support from the consideration stage of entering the Vietnamese market to design and construction of buildings, dealing with government applications and procedures, and maintenance after delivery.



From consultation to construction and delivery of overseas construction


Tell us your vision for the project

There are many industrial parks in Vietnam.
Through our group company, ASAHI JAPAN - INVESTMENT & PROPERTIES MANAGEMENT SERVICE JOINT STOCK COMPANY, and our local network, we ensure selecting and proposing the best land in the district that meet your requirements and is covered by your budget. Therefore, please let us know your budget, facility image, scale and some other needs.


Basic design and selection of land

After the land is determined, actual measurements are taken as necessary.
Based on the your request, our in-house design team will prepare a 3D drawing for a meeting within a week or so after receiving the consultation so that you can develop a clear image of the project.


Proposal of quotation, perspective drawing and schedule

We will present an estimated plan once the basic design is completed and the specifications are finalized.

--Free of charge till this process


Contract and detailed design

If you are satisfied with the estimated plan, we can proceed to sign a contract.
After we make the contract, we finalize your requirements and move into detailed design for construction.


Preparation and Submission of Applications

We prepare the necessary documents for submitting firefighting applications, environmental applications, and construction start permits, so you can leave the rest of your project to us. We break ground for the construction once all the applications have been submitted and all required permits have been obtained.


Groundbreaking and Completion of construction

Finally, construction begins.
Our experienced staff will take full responsibility for the construction work using our own manuals, and consider QCDSE (Quality, Cost, Date, Security, Environment). While it is under construction, we regularly hold weekly meetings with you and keep minutes of these meetings to report on progress. As a result of working out differences between you and us, we can ensure your satisfaction with the completion and delivery of the building.



After in-house inspections have been completed, fire and building inspections, and your inspections are conducted prior to handover. Any of your concerns will be addressed promptly and responsibly.



We will provide an explanation of the handling of the building and hand over all necessary documents at the same time as delivery of the building. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Follow-through service

You can count on us even after the delivery. We will take responsibility and handle the project even after the delivery of the building.
We can repair defects as well as handle reconstruction and renovations, so please feel free to contact us.

Examples of Overseas Construction Projects

実績例1 実績例2 実績例3 実績例4

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15th floor, IDMC My Dinh Building, 15 Pham Hung Street,My Dinh 2 Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

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